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Children and Adolescents

Does your child or adolescent need help managing emotions or behavior?

Sometimes it can feel like you hardly understand this young person who was once your baby. Often parents wonder if they should be concerned, and sometimes adolescents ask more directly for help. Your adolescent could benefit from learning more about their emotions, sense of self and relationships. Therapy can be a safe space for them to explore these issues and learn more.

If safety concerns have developed, therapy is essential to help your adolescent. Self-injurious behaviors like cutting and burning are signs that your adolescent has not developed effective means of coping. Other at-risk behaviors such as engaging in unhealthy internet activity, sexual behavior or drug abuse are signs that your adolescent needs help.

We have experience working with adolescents with a variety of safety concerns within a variety of settings. We can assist you and your adolescent in understanding the problem and determining what kind of help is needed. We have an understanding of the systems in place to help young people and believe in offering resources to families to assist their adolescent outside of the therapy room.


At Mindful Families, adolescents are initially assessed for emotional, behavioral and safety concerns. Assessment typically involves both the adolescent and parent(s). If therapy is recommended a typical course may include weekly individual sessions and family therapy, as needed. Once safety is established, adolescents may decrease frequency to bi-weekly and eventually monthly sessions. Family involvement is essential for an adolescent’s recovery from safety concerns. Separate parenting skills may be recommended. At times, further interventions are recommended.


Allison Peterson, MA, LP, PMH-C, Elizabeth Adedokun, Phd, LMFT, Caroline McCard, LICSW and Jocelyn Byrd, LICSW are all trained in working with this population.

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