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Are you struggling with parenting?

Being a mindful parent is not about being perfect, it is about being intentional. In our busy world it can feel nearly impossible to carve out time to think about your parenting. Many parents struggle with how to manage difficult behaviors, how to connect with their adolescent, along with finding a balance between being an individual versus a parent. It is often said “Kids don’t come with an instruction manual.” Therapy can be a place to explore your concerns about parenting, gather information about parenting skills and create a plan that works for you and your family. This is especially important in developing an effective co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner. In divorced and blended families this can be especially challenging.

We have experience working with families to help them to increase structure, consistency and predictability within their homes. We can teach you behavior management strategies, communication and conflict resolution skills. Families report fewer conflicts, improved communication and overall increased happiness within their family life.


At Mindful Families, parents are initially assessed alone. Both parents and step parents are strongly encouraged to participate, however individual parents are welcome. If therapy is recommended, a skills plan is developed to address the parents' needs and concerns. Individual therapy may be recommended for one or both parents, couples therapy for both parents or individual therapy for child/adolescent(s).


All Mindful Families Providers work with parents. Family therapy is offered by Allison Peterson, MA, LP, PMH-C and Elizabeth Adedokun, PhD, LMFT.

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