Due to COVID-19, Mindful Families providers are now seeing clients through teletherapy via Doxy.me. The office is closed to in-person sessions. If you are a current client please contact your provider to schedule a virtual appointment. New clients are being accepted. Please call 612-486-2956 to schedule.


Mindful Families offers workshops on variety of topics from parenting to mindfulness. Please contact Mindful Families if you are interested in hosting a workshop at your location.

Calm Kids Workshops

In our busy world, kids need time for calm and relaxation to rest their bodies and minds. 

Calm Kids workshops are designed to teach and practice regulation/mindfulness skills in a fun, small group environment. Each class will involve a group game, story time, and a make ‘n take project that all focus around a monthly theme. Parents are invited to join us for the last 15 minutes to talk about the class and engage a closing activity with their child(ren). Come to one or all sessions!

Calm Kids is facilitated by Amy Engelhard, MA, LMFT

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Fatherhood: Supporting the Journey

Support Group for Dads

(Expectant fathers to fathers with children up to age 10)


- Exploring identity and expectations as a father

- Addressing work-social-home life balance

- Finding ways to connect with partner and children

- Building confidence about parenting skills


- Nonjudgmental support

- Sharing mutual experiences

- Exploring challenges

- Gaining more insight and parenting skills to use at home

Group leader: Anne Troff-Heck, M.A., LPCC—Call 612-564-3020 with questions.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Mindful Mondays for Moms

Motherhood is a big transition. Mindfulness can help.

Whether you're a brand new mom or you've been at this awhile, you know how it feels to juggle weighty emotions and responsibilities at this time of life. Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judging them. It is a wonderful way to increase your enjoyment of your children, keep your stress levels down, and manage the "bigness" of modern mothering.

Join us every other Monday for an evening of developing and practicing Mindfulness. The hour will begin and end with breath work, intentional relaxation, and mindfulness skill building. The middle of class will be spent connecting with other moms, sharing resources and processing the journey into motherhood.

Regular attendance will help you being or develop your Mindfulness practice and give you tools to use at home for every day calming strategies. This ongoing class is helpful whether you take it just once or make it a habit. Appropriate for anyone, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, and any mother at any point from pregnancy and beyond.

Mindful Mondays for Moms is facilitated by Allison Peterson, MA, LP and Sandra Maurer, BA, E-RYT.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Yoga For Anxiety

Join this small group for a supportive and inclusive yoga and mindfulness

practice designed to help balance the nervous system through exploration of breath and movement. Each month we’ll focus on a different practice to help gain a deeper understanding of our own unique experiences with anxiety and create opportunities to build resiliency. No prior experience necessary. This ongoing drop-in group is available and accessible to all.

Yoga for Anxiety is facilitated by Sandra Maurer, BA, E-RYT.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Parenting Skills 101: Tips and Tricks to Get Your Kids
to Do What You Want

Are you struggling to get your child do what you want? Are you and your partner unsure how to handle behavioral challenges? Then this workshop is for you.

This 3-hour workshop will discuss creating structure, limit setting and communicating with your child. 

You will also have the opportunity to discuss your parenting concerns and receive support from other parents. The workshop is designed to meet the needs of parents with children of all ages. 

The workshop will be facilitated by psychologist and family therapist Allison Peterson, MA, LP. 

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Stress Management for Parenting: Survival Strategies including Self-care, Mindfulness and More

Parenthood brings great joy, but can also bring a new level of stress and worry. Learning how to manage your stress more effectively is the key to improving your quality of life and your enjoyment of this new stage.

The class will teach you coping strategies for managing stress related to parenting, including: understanding the physiological effects of stress, daily self-care to reduce the impact of stress, mindfulness techniques and communication skills. The class includes mindfulness exercises such as breath work, relaxation and cognitive strategies.

You can attend alone or with a partner, although couples who attend together may discover new ways to strengthen their relationship.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Mindful Mothering: How Mindfulness and Self-Care Intersect 

A 4-part series focused on building a mindfulness practice as a form of self-care for moms.

Please join other moms for this 4-part series focused on better understanding the physiology of mindfulness, learning mindfulness skills and improving overall self-care to increase liking of yourself and enjoyment of your role as Mom. Any mom (from pregnancy and beyond) could benefit from this series.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Social Media Workshop for Parents and Teens/Tweens

Social media has added a whole new dimension to parenting. Many parents are unsure of how to monitor social media, either avoiding talking about it all or forbidding kids to use it. This interactive workshop is for you and your child to discuss how to use social media in a healthy way. Allison Peterson, MA, LP will discuss common difficulties encountered by families including risky social media behaviors, engaging with unknown persons and safety issues that end up on social media. Learn how to talk with your child about these concerns while allowing them to develop effective social skills. We will discuss using a social media contract to set appropriate boundaries for use and supervision of various social media platforms.

For information about upcoming sessions, visit our Facebook event page.

Dialectical Parenting: A Technique for Parenting Children with Mood and Behavior Regulation Disorders

This interactive workshop will help those parenting or working with youth who emotional or behavioral regulation. Participants will understand the underlying dynamics of dysregulation and explore a model to help address both mood and behavior in a more effective manner. 

Date: TBD, scheduled after 4 or more families submit interest via the contact form below

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